River fun


I met soulmates in the forests in the southwest mountains of Georgia. We slept in the forests and when the sun came up we played in the river, like children. We tried to walk, swim and clamber as far upstream as possible. To see what there would be after the next curve. To check if the liana would be strong enough to carry us over the river. To splash into the water and to match our powers with the stream. At the open sunny parts we took a break on the shore, and I dreamed away, guided by the river, inspired by the shapes of the stones, brightened by the dancing water reflections.
Be playful and explorative.

Heaven’s flowers

Heaven’s flowers can be picked as well. ‘Carefully’, because these flowers are fragile too. Luckely, they don’t perish. Heaven’s flowers stay with us forever. Unfortunately, we are not continuously aware of this. It can be like walking through a meadow full of flowers that is overgrown by grasses. However, unprepared and unexpected, we sense the full beauty of a heavenly flower through a color, an odor or maybe even a flower from earth. And like the flower rises up towards the sun, this  encounter lets us travel to a blissful realm where everything is pure, shiny, colorful and in balance. After we ground ourselves on the earth again, we might see flowers everywhere: on the side of the roads and flowers in the sky.The mandala is like the flower wanting to attract your attention. It screams: ‘look at me, go towards my center’. Guided by this art we surrender and get lost in each micro cosmos, reaching the world’s center and also our own. We can use mandalas in our everyday life, like putting flowers on our table in the middle of the room. We pick the flowers that attract us at the very moment. In birth and death different flowers decorate the scenes of our life. Like flowers, mandalas can help us to move through both beautiful and difficult times.Photograph made in the camera using multiple exposure mode.

*Limited editions*
*Of each art work 5 reprints*
Printed on 100% natural cotton according to BCI guidelines and printed with an environmental friendly printer.


Additional information


190 cm x 190 cm


Rings inside the hem


100% cotton