Handcrafted Coconut Earring “Hamsa”


Unique earring of coconut shell with integrated hamsa pendant. Nature made and handcrafted.

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🌿🌻 These earrings are shaped by nature and then crafted into jewelry by hand.

As every creature in nature grows into its own unique form, so do the coconuts. I take the coconut shells and break them up into small pieces with a hammer. I like that the shape is subject to the principle of chance and therefore I dont change it anymore. I only sand sharp edges softly and coat the shell pieces with lineseed oil so that the contrast ofthe wood colours increases and they withstand moisture.

In the end, all pieces vary in shape, thickness and size, making each one a unique work of art:
a co-creation of nature and handcrafting.

✨ “Although the Hamsa Hand has been symbolic in Islam and Judaism for centuries, it originally was used as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern goddess. In all religions it is a protective symbol and has always been associated with a female entity offering protection from evil and misfortune.

When the Hamsa Hand faces down, it opens you up to all of the abundance and goodness of the universe, welcoming them into your life. Hand facing down also brings fertility and answers to prayers and manifestations. Often, in this position, the fingers are closed together to bring good luck.” 🤚🏽✨

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6.5 cm x 2.0 cm




Zink alloy, lead-free and nickel-free