Jacaranda Earrings

Amazonian Myth
“A beautiful bird named Mitu landed atop a Jacarnda tree bringing with him a lovely woman. The woman, who was actually a priestess of the moon, descended from the tree and lived among the villagers, sharing with them her knowledge and ethics. Having fulfilled her mission, she returned back to the tree adorned in Jacaranda blooms and ascended to the heavens where she united with her soul mate, the son of the sun.”

These woody seed pods were gifted to us from a beautiful jacaranda tree in the South of Mexico we found while hiking through the western part of Chiapas. The Jacaranda tree is known for its ethereal blue flowers in early summer, followed by those woody seed pods in various shapes, which contain numerous flat, winged seeds.

To create earrings we open the seed pods, take out the seeds and drill a hole into the upper part of the pods. Then each of the halves gets attached to an earhook with wire.
The seed pods retain their original natural shape. They therefore vary in size and form. The seed holder at the center line of the capsules is still more or less preserved in some earrings as it often falls out along with the seeds when opening the capsules.

Jacaranda trees represent wisdom, rebirth, wealth and good luck. The name jacaranda comes from the South American language Guarani and it means ‘fragrant’.