~ 30.000 KM 

~ 15 countries 

~ 500 rides 

~ 280 days

(June 2018) The door of my house in Wageningen felt into its lock. I walked towards the road and put the thumb in the air. I shaked my arm a bit more than usual. It must have been the enthousiasm of my plan. A BMW stopped. I ran towards the car and asked where he was going. “To the German border”, he replied. “Perfect”, I said. The backpack was thrown on the backseats of the car, three seconds later I sat next to this stranger, shaked his hand and off we went. “You are lucky that I am here”, he started. “Some time ago I crossed this point as well, but now I do this for the second time because I forgot work material in my home. Where are you going to?” I looked at him with a infinite glance in my eyes;

“I am going to the East, the far East. I am going to the Balkans, the Asian steppes, the Himalaya and the rainforest of Southeast Asia, all by hitchhiking and you are the first one who picked me up!”